The Sportiest Month of the Year

October is my favorite month for sports. There is always something on TV that draws my interest. I am a sports nut, and I enjoy watching anything that involves a ball being hit, kicked, thrown, shot, bounced, or rolled. My favorite teams are the Yankees, Jets, and Knicks, and this is really the only month that I am able to see them all in action. The Yankees season is over, and the excitement of playoff baseball is finally upon us. On Sundays, there is nothing like plopping in front of the TV all day for an NFL marathon. Preseason basketball is really only for the hardcore NBA fan. The casual fan would probably find it difficult to watch 2-3 hours of sloppy basketball, where the star players are sitting on the bench for a large portion of the game. I enjoy it though, because I follow my sports teams like its nobodies business. Anyway, I thought I would do a quick run down of my thoughts on my favorite sports teams, at this particular point of their seasons.

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