The Sportiest Month of the Year

October is my favorite month for sports. There is always something on TV that draws my interest. I am a sports nut, and I enjoy watching anything that involves a ball being hit, kicked, thrown, shot, bounced, or rolled. My favorite teams are the Yankees, Jets, and Knicks, and this is really the only month that I am able to see them all in action. The Yankees season is over, and the excitement of playoff baseball is finally upon us. On Sundays, there is nothing like plopping in front of the TV all day for an NFL marathon. Preseason basketball is really only for the hardcore NBA fan. The casual fan would probably find it difficult to watch 2-3 hours of sloppy basketball, where the star players are sitting on the bench for a large portion of the game. I enjoy it though, because I follow my sports teams like its nobodies business. Anyway, I thought I would do a quick run down of my thoughts on my favorite sports teams, at this particular point of their seasons.

Yankees: After finishing the regular season on a weak note, the Yankees took care of business against a Twins team thank frankly looked burnt out. It looked to me like the Twins didn’t have anything left in the tank. I’m not sure whether it was psychological or if they were just physically tired, but I never felt like they had a chance at winning the series, even when they had the lead in the first two games. Now the Yankees are going to face off against a very good Texas team. I think that the Yankees discipline could really help them in this serious. Texas is a very free-swinging ball club. The Yankees batters walked 151 times more than the Rangers batters during the regular. If the CC, Pettite, Hughes, and Burnett can get ahead in the count, it could be a long day for the Rangers hitters. Another advantage the Yankees have is that they won’t have to face Cliff Lee three times in the series. In my opinion, Lee is the best pitcher in the American League. Even though I think the Yankees can beat him, it certainly won’t be an easy task. The less times they face him, the better from the Yankees stand point.

Jets: After making it to the AFC Championship Game last year, the “same of Jets” are ancient history. The Jets are one of three power houses in the AFC, along with the Steelers and the Ravens. All three teams play a very similar style of football. They all rely on a great defenses, a solid running games, and QB’s that can manage the game, and don’t turn the ball over. Of these three, its hard for me to name a favorite in the AFC. The Ravens beat both the Jets and the Steelers, but the two former teams have gotten much better since they player. The Jets added three Pro-Bowl caliber talents in Santonio Holmes and Calvin Pace. Their All-Pro CB Darrelle Revis, was also injured for much of the season. The Steelers were able to get off to an impressive 3-1 start, without their franchise QB, Ben Roethlisberger. Whether you like him as a person or not, it hard to deny the impact that he has on the field. Right now, I don’t think there are any teams in the NFL at the same level as the Terrible (in a good way) Trio.

Knicks: The Knicks are a mystery to me. They are clearly a better team than last year, but just how good they are remains to be seen. Right now, I see the Knicks as a border line playoff team. They have clearly improved at the PG, PF, and C positions. They have a lot of players that could potentially have break out seasons, and at least a couple of them will need to have big years if the Knicks plan on competing for a 7th or 8th seed in the Eastern Conference. Guys like Danilo Gallinari, Anthony Randolph, Wilson Chandler, and the big Russian, Timofey Mozgov, could all potentially make a big impact this year. I think the Amar’e Stoudemire addition was significant, both on the court and off the court. This team finally has a veteran leader; a face of the franchise. That could change if the Knicks were to add another all-star talent like Carmelo Anthony or Chris Paul, but right now, this team clearly belongs to Amar’e Stoudemire.

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